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Google Instant Search

It’s official:  Google now knows what you want before you know you want it.  If that’s the sort of statement which gives you the cold sweats you had better steer clear of their ‘Instant’ search facility which launched yesterday.

If your browser supports it, you’re signed in to a Google account and you’re online in one of their chosen launch countries, instant search results now appear on your page as you are typing.  Not just suggestions in the search box, but full search results populating the page.

More knowledgeable techie types than me are suggesting that this could mark the beginning of the end for SEO, apparently because the constantly changing search results will make it harder to track search terms.  More obviously, this is a real stab to the heart of Microsoft, whose Bing search has been picking up market share but will surely now be seen as old hat compared to this lightning-fast service.

Here’s their explanatory vid:

Two things of interest there; firstly, I’ve learned a new word.  Zettabyte.  It’s equal to one sextillion bytes apparently, whatever that is.  But that’s two new words for the price of one so I’m not complaining.  Secondly, I would have thought they could have come up with a better selling point than ‘I didn’t have to press Enter’.  It’s hardly up there with ‘we’ve cured cancer’ or ‘we’ve sent a man to the moon’, but I’m being pedantic.  As far as I’m concerned, anything which speeds up my workload is a good thing even if it does give them one more step on the road to world domination.

For a rather more informed look at what Google Instant does, check out The Guardian

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