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‘Affordable’…Not ‘Cheap’: How We Do Things Differently | Resolution Square

‘Affordable’…Not ‘Cheap’: How We Do Things Differently

Even 10 years ago, video production was a luxury, even for established brands.  Now it’s a necessity.  With this rise of branded video, naturally a new generation of video production companies and agencies has flourished, covering a wide range of budgets and production standards.  So what makes us different and where are we pitching ourselves along the scale?

Our business ethos is to keep things simple for us and the client, and also to keep overheads low in order to provide maximum return for both parties.  We don’t run an office, we don’t have a fancy website, we don’t employ permanent staff, preferring to crew up when necessary.  We generally don’t get involved with legal contracts.

In terms of production costs, we keep costs low by using a one-man crew and by avoiding expensive external rental and post-production facilities as much as possible.  It doesn’t work for every project, but nowadays it’s entirely possible for one man (with the appropriate experience) to produce, direct, shoot, edit and upload using kit he can carry in a backpack.  In fact, a few years ago I shot, edited and uploaded 4 videos for EA Sports over one day spent following skateboarders around London.  It nearly killed me, but it was possible and the client was very happy with the result.

Because of our wide-ranging experience and skills, clients know that on a shoot day they can leave the brief to us and we’ll get the job done.  Many people can now shoot and edit, but it takes years of industry experience to know how to work and communicate effectively on the day with talent, celebrities, agents and clients, sometimes under extreme pressure.  Even the most meticulously planned shoots encounter last minute problems and when that happens, experience is invaluable.

This all said, we won’t compromise on quality and we know one man can’t handle everything, so we rely on a network of industry professionals who we draft in as and when a project requires additional production support.

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