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examples of my work

Pot Noodle

Sticky Rib Pot Noodle

Two cameras, a lot of Pot Noodle and a host of Z-list celebrities.

Cheeky Girls hit the Pot Noodle party

We recently produced a series of online videos to promote Sticky Rib Pot Noodle’s collaboration with Pop Bitch and the Blackout Crew, a showbiz party with a difference.

The Scarletz hit the Pot...Noodle

Karaoke highlights included Nikki Grahame doing Oasis…

Nikki Grahame does Oasis

Carol Decker doing T’Pau and a drunk bloke trashing the set during his rendition of Angels.  Once the party was over I edited the footage overnight, delivering a number of videos to ensure seeding could take place immediately.

Pot Noodle

Nikki Grahame in The Sun

Yeah I know, I shouldn’t tease you by saying Carol Decker sang T’Pau on karaoke.  Here she is:


YahooHavas Sports and Entertainment hired me to edit a promotional video to showcase their recent Yahoo Penalty online game and offline promotional events from around the world.  The video proved popular with Yahoo who then commissioned their own version.

Yahoo London

Flip Video

Flip logo

Together with old Soccer AM muckers Joe Worsley and John Fendley, I shot and edited an online viral for Flip, a quick gag featuring ‘The Inbetweeners’ star James Buckley and regular Channelbee collaborator/top bloke Dean Roof.  The video has been taken down as it reached the end of its contractual period with James, but it was fun while it lasted!

James Buckley - not pictured in the Flip ad


FATV logo

I am an occasional contributor to the Football Association’s FATV, for whom I shoot and edit content.  In particular I produced a ‘Tunnelcam’ video were I shot and edited footage from tunnel and pitchside at Wembley during the England v Mexico friendly in May 2010.  Having filmed during the first half I then handed over the camera and started editing; the piece was finished by midnight and live the following morning where it picked up over 15000 YouTube hits within days.

Beckham at Wembley

Embed not available; click image to play on YouTube


GBK logo

Gourmet Burger Kitchen rebranded their St.Paul’s branch ‘Gordon Banks Kitchen’ for a day prior to the World Cup and I was brought in to shoot and edit a video documenting the day and also an interview feature where Gordon talked about his World Cup 1966 team-mates (something rings a bell there from my Soccer AM days…). As time was of the essence, I shot the footage at lunchtime and had delivered the two edits by end of play.

The footage was carried by The Sun amongst others:

GBK in The Sun

but as their video quality is so poor, here’s the link to one of the videos on top PR company Threepipe‘s YouTube:

and here’s their page on their website.


Jaguar Academy of Sport

The Jaguar Academy of Sport was launched in early 2010 to promote the development of elite young athletes through financial support and inspiration from world-class patrons and ambassadors including David Beckham, Sir Steve Redgrave, Lee Westwood and Rio Ferdinand.  I was brought in to produce and advise on their video and text content including shooting and editing video interviews with Lee Westwood and Rio Ferdinand:

Other Rio videos (filmed May 2010, before his injury):

Rio Ferdinand talks South Africa Part 2

Rio Ferdinand on past World Cups

For more information on the Jaguar Academy of Sport and to view more videos, see: Jaguar Academy of Sport


Legoland Windsor logo

I shot and edited a series of videos for Legoland Windsor to promote the opening of their Pirates Landing zone in spring 2010.  These included a montage of their pirate world record attempt and individual pirate jokes performed by members of the public.

Legoland pirate

EA Sports – Skate 3

EA Sports logo

To promote the launch of EA Sports’ Skate 3, I was hired to direct, shoot and edit a series of videos, initially focusing on media days

Skate 3 in Brixton

and then on their London City Skateover day.  For the latter I filmed, edited and uploaded 4 videos in one day following a team of skaters as they travelled around London, including outside the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street (pictured):

Skate 3 outside Downing St


Maggies logo

I first came across Maggie’s when a team of us from Soccer AM took part in their London Duathlon.  This year I have been proud to work for them regularly, visiting the London and Edinburgh centres and filming and editing videos including a feature on Love Maggie’s Day where we interviewed Sarah Brown.

Maggie’s are an inspiration and to anyone who is or has been touched by cancer in any way, I would say they should be your first port of call.  Their staff are incredible and their outlook only positive.  You can find them here: Maggie’s

Thank you Maggie’s for everything you do.

Sarah Brown, Anneka Rice and Janet Ellis at Love Maggie's Day