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Digital/branded video and why you need it | Resolution Square

Digital/branded video and why you need it

You’re online.  You’re probably active on social networks and you know that they’re becoming more and more powerful as marketing tools.  But do you know how much more powerful?  Take a look at this:

If you haven’t got time to watch it now, for me the top line stats are that 90% of people trust online recommendations from friends, and 70% from strangers, and that a customer is ten times more likely to make a purchase when coming from a social media site.

So that’s the power of digital media in general.  We consume, we consider and then we share.  And when we share, people take notice.  Now remember that pictures speak louder than words.  Given the right content and circumstances, nothing spreads faster in the digital world than a video.  Granted, not every video is destined to go viral, but the growing popularity of branded video testifies to its use as a marketing tool:

As the article suggests, branded video is an excellent way not only to increase but also to engage your audience/customers.  You may not be looking to create the next Old Spice

or T-Mobile

campaign, but thanks in part to viral successes like these, modern audiences are encouraged to engage with branded video in a way that they never did with traditional advertising.  The shackles are off; unrestrained by tv’s still draconian regulations on product placement, on the web, brands are free to explore all manner of creative collaborations, as Foster’s recently proved with their new Alan Partridge series:

In short, every brand now has the ability to become a broadcaster, to engage your own audience on your terms. Through advertising you’ve always been able to say what you want about your product, but now you can do it in a huge variety of ways. And it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Even 5 years ago, producing a corporate video or video advertisement called for a 5-figure budget; now you can do it for less than 4.

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