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Digital Video Production | Resolution Square

Digital Video Production

As recently as 5 years ago, producing professional video required significant investment from both producer and client.  Kit was expensive and bulky, post-production houses needed to charge the earth to cover their overheads, crews were larger than necessary and tape-based media meant that workflow was slow.  Nowadays, thanks to advancements in media technology, a one man crew can shoot, edit, encode and upload HD, professional videos on the move with kit contained in a backpack.  I did it for a Skate 3 promo, following a group of skateboarders around London, editing and uploading 4 videos over the day from the back of a cab.

So modern digital video needn’t break the budget, and with low overheads, Resolution Square is able to offer a very affordable yet flexible and personal service.  With over 12 years’ experience in broadcast and now digital production, I bring a wide range of skills to a project, from assisting with creative briefs and ideas, to crewing or booking presenters, writing scripts or advising on strategy.  On the day of a shoot I may be operating the camera but I’m also using my broadcast experience to direct talent, conduct interviews if necessary and generally think on my feet, all of which leaves the client free to do their job.  On a busy product launch, photo shoot or PR/media day the video is usually the last thing on most people’s minds and clients know that side of things is safe in my hands.

As my showreel testifies, much of the digital work I do is actuality-based, so I’m expected to capture the mood of an event as it is held live, without time for extensive setups or retakes.  In addition, interview slots for professional sportsmen and celebrities are notoriously tight.  In both cases a client needs to know that their crew is able to react quickly and efficiently to circumstances in order to produce the required content, and this is again where my live tv experience proves essential.  That said, I’m equally at home given more time to produce a more considered project; it’s just not as regular an occurrence!

Quite a bit of the branded work I’m doing requires a fast turnaround (shoot, edit, encode and upload within a day/48 hours).  If you’re using a production company who insist it’ll take weeks to produce your content, drop me a line.

Whenever possible I shoot on DSLR (Canon 7D) but some jobs require different cameras or specific rigs/lights/mics.  If you’re aiming for a certain ‘look’ I’d be happy to offer advice as to the most suitable kit for the job.

As a rule, the work I do with Resolution Square generally only requires a one man crew but thanks to a network of contacts within broadcasting and digital media I am able to scale a project up to full broadcast if necessary.

Specific skills I can bring to a production are:

  • Idea generation – devising and developing entertaining ideas from a brief
  • Self-shooting director/producer/cameraman – shooting DSLR but also proficient with various camcorders
  • Editing – Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, After Effects
  • Encoding/delivery – optimising your video’s performance depending on the platform desired
  • Social/digital media advice – I am not a marketing professional but am on top of the latest trends and developments in the industry and can advise as to how best to use your video once produced
  • Crewing – for larger scale projects or for specialist skills e.g. visual FX
  • Presenter research/booking
  • Script-writing

You can read a lot more about my experience in detail on other parts of the site:

CV is here

More info on my tv production skills can be found here

Quite wordy biography and slightly disconcerting photo are here

A portfolio of my work is here

You can see who I’ve been producing for by looking at my portfolio or showreel, but brands worked with include:

  • Jaguar Academy of Sport
  • Mitre
  • EA Sports
  • Football Association
  • Pot Noodle
  • Yahoo
  • Yazoo
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen
  • Legoland
  • Flip Video
  • Rachel’s Organic
  • Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres
  • England 2018
  • Sky
  • Puma
  • Texaco
  • TheirMag
  • Carlsberg
  • K-Swiss
  • Maximuscle
  • Skins
  • Beko
  • Wasserman Media Group

So in summary, whatever your digital video needs, Resolution Square can help, and probably for a much lower budget than you’ll be expecting.  If you’re considering having professional video produced for your brand (and if you need more persuading, you might want to read this), I’d love to help, so drop me a line under no obligation for advice and a quote.



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