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Sports Tonight Live

Sports Tonight Live logo

Sports Tonight Live was Kelvin Mackenzie’s foray into digital sports broadcasting.  I went intending to freelance as a day producer but on my first day was thrown into the channel manager’s hotseat and asked to launch a new, nightly live broadcast within 3 weeks…with a team of keen graduates I’d never met and a radio presenter who had never worked on camera.  A long story, and a real challenge!

I shot: Matt Le Tissier (again)

Matt Le Tiss is one of my favourite footballers. Pure class on the pitch in his day, now pure gent off it. I had the good fortune to meet him a couple of times back in the Soccer AM days and our paths have now crossed twice more in the past year, first for an 888 video pre-World Cup, and back in February for an FATV shoot. Partly due to his experience on the box and undoubtedly equally because he’s generally a top bloke, you know that when you’ve got a shoot with him, he’ll give you exactly what you need without any fuss.

We were at Warsash Wasps FC, regional winners of the FA Charter Standard Development Club award last year, to help launch this year’s nomination process for the FA Community Awards and after a tour of the (very impressive) club he gave me an interview on his early days, influences and memories in football:

While we were there I picked up a few more bits with him including his fantasy 5-a-side team (edited by FATV):

It was the first outing for my new rig including my new Canon 70-200mm F4 IS lens which was pretty essential for the football action, and all in all I was pretty pleased with the result. Part of the problem with filming mostly ‘run and gun’, reality style pieces is that it’s tough to get those perfect shots and there’s always a degree of compromise but I think the key is to have a plan. Yes, 90% of the time that plan will change with the weather, the schedule and usually the talent, but a plan is a good place to start!

I shot: Kasabian

Welcome to the first ‘I shot’ of the site.  I’m still undecided about the title but I’ll go with it for now.  Sure you know what I mean anyway; one week it’ll be ‘I shot…muffins’ which doesn’t have the same ring about it but that’s the beauty of my job at the moment; there’s no shortage of variety!

So yeah, Kasabian.  I was tasked with shooting and editing a few very quick bits to use at V Festival this weekend; their intro and outro messages, basically.  An early start and flight to Belfast to catch up with Serge and Tom before their gig in town that night.  Myself and two P.A. guys got settled in the very swanky Malmaison where we were shown to our rather well-appointed suite where we presumed the shoot would happen:

Waiting for Kasabian in Belfast

All very dark, moody and perfect for the shoot.  Trouble was, the shoot wasn’t happening there.  But it’s a lovely hotel, especially if you like black and purple, so I’d recommend it if you’re in town.

The actual location was an even swankier country hotel outside town, the Culloden.  Lovely place; according to our cab driver it was where England stayed when they last played (and lost) there.  Trouble was it wasn’t nearly as evocative for the shoot as the Malmaison but that’s life.  I’ve realised over the years that just when you think something’s sorted, you often have to resort to Plan B and get over it.

Tom and Serge were top blokes as always although understandably preoccupied by a poltergeist which they (or Tom, at least, if I remember rightly) had witnessed at the hotel.  Anyone who’s about to see them at V are in for a great night (nothing new here because they’ve always come up trumps whenever I’ve seen them, I’d say the best British band of the last 10 years); I’m paraphrasing what they said to P.A. but it was along the lines of ‘it’ll be like everyone’s Christmases, New Years and birthdays all rolled into one’.

The shoot done (I’ll stick one of the vids up after V)

Kasabian's Tom and Serge in Belfast, August 2010

and conversation briefly turned to Soccer AM and Gordon Smart’s recent car park effort:

Gordon Smart's Soccer AM effort

Can’t embed the video, you’ll have to watch it via The Sun here

Pretty impressive by anyone’s standards, but I’m with Serge, it wasn’t a patch on this:

I haven’t watched the show since I left but I doubt anyone’s going to knock Serge off that particular perch; he did it in his rockstar shoes and all.

I digress, but that’s about it.  I’ve since been editing the videos in time for them to get them ready at V, although I won’t be there to see the fruits of my labours as I’ve got a big job on Monday so can’t risk it; I’m off to see the boys tonight in Brixton instead.

For those who are interested in kit and stuff, I used my Canon 7D with the Canon f2.8 17-55mm lens, and recorded sound via a Sennheiser shotgun mic into my new Zoom H4N recorder.  We couldn’t use lights as we had to travel…light…but as you’ll see from the vids when I post them, we could just about get away with it.

Mitre: Schwarzer

Mitre logo

Prior to the World Cup I shot and edited a series of mini-interviews for Mitre, showcasing Mark Schwarzer as their ambassador.  The fella on the right with the nose is Fenners, ex-Soccer AM, Channelbee, ESPN and Football Focus type, now back at Sky Sports on Soccer Saturday and hosting his own show, ‘Take It Like A Fan’.  The interviews covered a range of subjects surrounding the World Cup and his experiences in football.

Mark Schwarzer laughs at the other fella's nose

888sport logo

Before the World Cup I was brought in by to direct, shoot and edit a series of branded videos featuring ex-footballers Matt Le Tissier and Mark Crossley on the subject of the ‘perfect penalty.’  Sadly England didn’t really get far enough to warrant worrying about the results (as processed by Liverpool John Moores University)!


FATV logo

I am an occasional contributor to the Football Association’s FATV, for whom I shoot and edit content.  In particular I produced a ‘Tunnelcam’ video were I shot and edited footage from tunnel and pitchside at Wembley during the England v Mexico friendly in May 2010.  Having filmed during the first half I then handed over the camera and started editing; the piece was finished by midnight and live the following morning where it picked up over 15000 YouTube hits within days.

Beckham at Wembley

Embed not available; click image to play on YouTube

EA Sports – Skate 3

EA Sports logo

To promote the launch of EA Sports’ Skate 3, I was hired to direct, shoot and edit a series of videos, initially focusing on media days

Skate 3 in Brixton

and then on their London City Skateover day.  For the latter I filmed, edited and uploaded 4 videos in one day following a team of skaters as they travelled around London, including outside the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street (pictured):

Skate 3 outside Downing St


Maggies logo

I first came across Maggie’s when a team of us from Soccer AM took part in their London Duathlon.  This year I have been proud to work for them regularly, visiting the London and Edinburgh centres and filming and editing videos including a feature on Love Maggie’s Day where we interviewed Sarah Brown.

Maggie’s are an inspiration and to anyone who is or has been touched by cancer in any way, I would say they should be your first port of call.  Their staff are incredible and their outlook only positive.  You can find them here: Maggie’s

Thank you Maggie’s for everything you do.

Sarah Brown, Anneka Rice and Janet Ellis at Love Maggie's Day

Mitre Tensile

Mitre logo

I directed, shot and edited a series of videos to promote the Mitre Tensile, the official ball of the Football League/SPL for 2010/11.  The brief was to highlight the ball’s speed, accuracy and control, which was demonstrated by players and staff from Colchester United, Watford, Barnet, Coventry and Hearts.  In edit I produced a generic edit of the shoot, individual videos for each club and a short edit to highlight the ‘smashing’ properties of the ball.

Watford hit my prized Canon 7D

Mitre Tensile at Watford

Mitre at Colchester United