Digital video/YouTube production training for your business and websites

Have you ever considered producing your own corporate/branded videos but were put off because of the cost? 

Introducing our bespoke video production/YouTube training service:

Resolution Square specialises in producing affordable digital video content (so if you’re looking for professionally-produced videos it’s always worth dropping us a line for a no-obligation quote), but if you’re a business looking to start producing your own, regular video content, we can offer bespoke training to suit your needs.

Ideally suited for a one-to-one consultation or for small groups (2-6 people), your training session could cover areas such as:

  • buying equipment – recommendations for what to buy according to budget and needs: camera, tripod, sound, lights, edit software and more
  • camera basics – how to operate your chosen camera, plus the basic do’s and don’ts of camerawork
  • editing basics – how to edit a simple video, plus encoding for web and other formats
  • editorial – what makes for appealing content and how to make an impact in the digital world
  • scripting – how to write for your video
  • interview/presenting technique – how to get the most from your on-camera contributors and crew, whether presenters, reporters or interviewees
  • YouTube production – how to set up, run and optimise your YouTube channel

With over 10 years’ experience in tv and now digital video/YouTube production, including producing, writing, directing, interviewing, shooting, editing and encoding content, plus having researched and used a variety of cameras on various projects, we are in an ideal position to help you and your business gain control of your video production needs.  For more information and a no-obligation quote based on your specific needs, please fill in the form below:

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